Gather your friends and join us for an unforgettable experience in Bakish. The old house is setup for the ultimate battle. You will be provided with all the equipment, including the clothes, protection, gloves and goggles. You just need to gather your team and meet us in Bakish for the battle.
The battle is divided into 8 rounds in which you will be able to capture the flag, search and destroy, team death match and hostages. A referee is available on site for the score and to explain all details.
Weapons used:
– M4 (TMC)
– M16 (BT4 SWAT)
– Sniper (Scope *4)
– Double Trigger
– 98 costume tipman

– Maximum number required for the trip is 7 persons in each team. Make sure to book your battle one day in advance.

– The price includes 150 bullets and you can refill for extra $8


$20.00 Per Person

    • 8 $

Allowed Persons: 1 to 14


Totals :