Almost nobody in Lebanon knows that this activity actually exists. We see couples in movies riding the hot air balloon, proposals being done, we dream about it, but we didn’t actually know that this activity is available in Lebanon.

Well hold your breath, it does.

Hot Air Balloon ride is done everyday depending on the weather in Wardeh area, Mzaar Kfardebian. The departure normally takes place early morning so you need to wake up early and be there by 5:30am. The ride is 30 minutes from Mzaar towards Sannine or Bekaa valley.
It fits for up to 3 persons (depending on the weight, so total of 250kg with the captain). Transfer to Wardeh is not included in the price but return from the landing location back to Wardeh is included in the price.

PS: This activity is weather critical and might be cancelled or postponed at the last minuted.

Hot Air Balloon


Allowed Persons: 1 to 3


Totals :