For an unforgettable experience, enjoy Lebanon from a birds eye. Amazing scenery and experience awaits you. Flights takes place everyday from 9am to 4pm from Beirut Airport of Civil aviation to a destination of your choice.

The plane fits for 3 persons and will take you on the trip of your dreams. For people who enjoy heights, it’s one of the must do things in Lebanon.

Things you need to know:

Booking 3 working days in advance
Id or passport required upon booking
Additional $14/pers for the pass fee
Children below 18 years old require a signed approval from parents
Photos and videos not allowed

Trips might be cancelled for reasons beyond our control (army banning flights, weather, airplane maintenance,..) in these cases, the trip can be cancelled or postponed.

Beirut by plane


Enjoy the amazing scenery of Lebanon from above.

    • 280 $
    • 380 $
    • 380 $
    • 600 $

Allowed Persons: 1 to 3


Totals :